From Orsina`s Land HIGHLIGHTS

World Dog Shows

WDS 2009 Bratislava (SK)
Flame`sOf Steal From Orsina`s Land - exc.1. CAC (
BlackQuintta From Orsina`s Land - exc 3 th place ( ch. cl.)
Co-FlyingStarr From Orsina`s Land - exc.4th place ( ch. cl.)

WDS 2008 Stockholm(S)
CoFlyingStarr From Orsina`s Land - exc .4th place ( open cl.)

WDS 2006 Poznan (PL)
CoFlyingStarr From Orsina`s Land - BOB puppy

European Dog shows

EDS 2010 Celje ( SLO)
GhostRider From Orsina`s Land- EJW2010, BOB EJW2010, BEST OF BREED , Res.BIS Junior FCI2
GlamourPuss From Orsina`s Land- Vice EJW2010
HommerSimpson From Orsina`s Land - exc 3th (junior cl.)

EDS 2008 Budapest (H)
BlackQuintta From Orsina`s Land - exc1, CAC, 3th best female ( open cl.)

EDS 2007 Zagreb ( CRO)
CoFlyingStarr From Orsina`s Land - exc.EJW07, BOB EJW07 ( junior cl)
BlackQuintta From Orsina`s Land - exc.3th place ( open cl.)

BMD Specialtys

04.09.2011 Latvian BMD Special show 2011
Flames Of Steal F.O.L.-
CAC, BOB, Club Winner 2010 and reserve BEST IN SHOW (BISs2)

28.05.2011 Slovakian Swiss breed Specialty 2011 (SK)


07.05.2011 Czech Swiss breed Specialty 2011 (CZ)
GlamourPuss F.O.L. - CAC, BOS, BOB, BEST IN SHOW

Specialty BMD in Riga 2010 (LV)
Flames Of Steal F.O.L.- CAC, BOB, Club Winner 2010 and BEST IN SHOW

Slovenian Klub Specialty (SKBPP) 2010:
GhostRider F.O.L- exc1, PRM, Klub Junior Winner 2010, BOB, BIS
HommerSimpson F.O.L.- exc2, Vice Klub Junior Winner 2010
GlamourPuss F.O.L.- exc 3th

Berner Specialty show in Bergen 2010(NOR)
Chasin`MyDream F.O.L.- exc1, CAC, BOS ,BOB
FireFoxFlo F.O.L.- exc. Res. CAC & 4TH BT

Latvian BMD Special show 2010
Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L.- exc.1,CAC and BM2

Belgische Klub v.Zwitserse Sennenhonden-Rasspeciale 2010
HommerSimpson F.O.L - exc.2nd

BMD National specialty 2009 Oregon /Portland (USA)
FerrariPorsh F.O.L.- Best in sweepstakes
ForbidenGold F.O.L.- exc.3th place

SSFS National SPECIALTY in Valkeaskoski-Finland 2009
Flame`sOfSteal F.O.L.- exc. CAC & 4th best male (

Latvian Specialty 2009
Flame`sOfSteal F.O.L.- exc. CQ 4th best male (
FatalAtraction F.O.L.- exc., CQ, CAC, BOS

Austrian Klubshow 2009
Flame`sOfStael F.O.L.- exc.,CAC, BOB ,KlubWinner 09 Res. BIS

Hungarian BSH Clubshow 2009
CoFlyingStarr F.O.L. - exc.,CAC, BOB ,KlubWinner 09

Belgian Specialty 2009
HommerSimpson F.O.L.- very promising 2nd best baby male

Norway Specialty Rygge 2009
FireFoxFlo F.O.L.- Res.CAC

Norway Specialty Kristiansand 2009
FireFoxFlo F.O.L.- Res.CAC

Finnland Specialty 2008
Flame`sOfSteal F.O.L.- BOB Puppy

Poland Klubshow 2008
Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.- exc, CAC, BOB, KlubWinner 08

Romanian Klubshow 2008
Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.- exc, CAC, BOB, KlubWinner 08

100y Swiss Club show Burgdorf 2007
CoFlyingStarr F.O.L.- Junior Klub Winner & BOB Junior

Hungarian MKSZ Klubshow 2006
Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.- BOB Puppy

Hungarian BSH Clubshow 2006

Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.- BOB Puppy

some other titels:

Hungarian Derby Winner 2010 & BIS Derby Winner 2010 / GhostRider F.O.L.

The most prestige title got the mother ,grandmother and grandgrand mother of all our puppies
Multi ch. ORSINA FLIEGELAND - 8th place on TOP 20 2001( 20 the most show succesful dogs of all breeds)

Slovenian Winner 2012 / GhostRider F.O.L.
Hungarian Derby Winner 2010 & BIS Derby Winner 2010 / GhostRider F.O.L.
Austria Bundesieger 2009 / Flame`sOfSteal F.O.L.
Champion of Champions Winner 2008 / Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.
Middle Eastern European Winner 2008 / Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.
Zagreb Winner 2008 /Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.
Serbian Derby Winner 2007 / Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.
Zagreb Winner2007 /Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.
Zagreb Winner 2006 / Amboss F.O.L.
AlpeAdria Winner 2006 / BlackQuintta F.O.L.

The championats of our puppies ,dogs
(here are included only first 5 litters /21 puppies ,other litters are too young to finnish Championats)

INTER CH. - Orsina Fliegeland , Amboss F.O.L. , BlackQuintta F.O.L., Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L., Flame's Of Steal F.O.L., GhostRider F.O.L.
CRO CH. - Orsina Fliegeland, CrazyHorse D.A.M , Amboss F.O.L. , Arletta F.O.L., BlackQuintta F.O.L., Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.
SLO CH. - Orsina Fliegeland, CrazyHorse D.A.M, Amboss F.O.L. , BlackQuintta F.O.L.,
BIH CH - Amboss F.O.L. , Arletta F.O.L.,
LUX . CH - Orsina Fliegeland,
A. CH - Orsina Fliegeland
H CH. - Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.
ROM CH. - Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L
SER.CH. - Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L
JUN.SLO CH.- Orsina Fliegeland, GhostRider F.O.L.
JUN. A CH. - Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L
JUN. CRO CH -Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L, GlamourPuss F.O.L
JUN. H .CH - Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L
JUN.ROM.CH - GlmaourPuss F.O.L
USA CH.- FerrariPorsh F.O.L.
FIN.CH. -Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L.
BALTIC CH. -Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L.
LV CH.-Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L.
LT.CH -Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L.
EST.CH.-Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L.

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