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For the end of this wonderful year, I decided to put together all about my breeding into two statistics:

From Orsina's Land 2003 - 2009

From Orsina's Land Berneses

At the same time I would litk to say a huge THANK YOU to all my puppies owners for wonderful cooperations -
Without YOU these statistics wouldn't be possible :)


  20.12.2009 CACIB "CHRISTMAS CUP" Vilnius Lithuania
     Judge: Cannone Yvonnen (Ireland)
     Class: intermedia (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L - Exc., CAC, Res. CACIB


  19.12.2009 CACIB "VILNIUS WINTER' 2009" (Lith.)
     Judge: Audrone Babianskiene (Lithuania)
     Class: intermedia (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L - Exc., CAC, Res. CACIB


  12.12.2009 CACIB BRUSSEL (B)
     Judge: Hans Almgren (S)
     Class:puppy cl. (M) / 5m+7f
     Hommer Simpson F.O.L - v.p., BOB puppy


  05.12.2009 CAC LIEPAJA (Latvija)
     Judge: Theo Leenen (B)
     Class: inter. cl (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L - exc1, CAC, BOB and BOG 3

 Congrats and THANX to Kristy & Ramona :))


     HAPPY and HEALTHY 6th BIRTHDAY A litter :)))
     (Arletta, Ayleen, Amboss, Acomma, Allotus and Ambrosius)


  29.11.2009 CACIB Budapest (H)
     Judge: Tamas Karoly(H)
     Class: ch. class (M)
     Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L. - exc. CAC, CACIB, BOB


  28.11.2009 110 y. Jubieumi CACIB Budapest (H)
     Judge: Banhidi Palne (H)
     Class: ch. class (M)
     Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L. - exc. CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG


  22.11.2009 CACIB Zagreb (Cro)
     Judge: John Jacobsen (N)
     Class: ch. class (M)
     Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L. - exc. CAC


  21.11.2009 CACIB Zagreb (Cro)
     Judge:Renee Sporre-Willes (S)
     Class: ch. class (M)
     Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L. - exc. CAC, CACIB, BOB

  15.11.2009 Seattle (USA)
     Judge: Steven Gladstone (USA)
     Class: open cl.(M)
     FerrariPorsch F.O.L. - Second in the Open Male Class


  14.11.2009 Seattle (USA)
     Judge: Shelli Sinclair-Wood (USA)
     Class: open cl.(M)
     FerrariPorsh F.O.L. - Reserve Winners Open Male Class


    Puppies in kennel "Szczesciety Ty Mojey" (Pl) - 2M/3F
    More information on


  8.11.2009 CAC Stord (N)
     Judge: Leni Finne (Fin)
     Class: open cl (M)
     Chasin'My Dream F.O.L. - exc., 1, Res.CAC, and 4th best male

     Good job Chasy and Margun :))


  24.10.2009 MEOE Berner Sennenhund CAC CLUBSHOW (H)
     Judge: Helen Davenport Willis (GB)
     Class: champion (M)
     Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L. - exc. 1, CAC, BOB, KLUB WINNER
     Class: baby (F)
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. -Very promising 2


     Co-FlyingStarr's son
     Nagyszentgyögyi-Berni Benito become r:Exc.1, HPJ, JUNIOR CLUB WINNER

     What to say..."like father - like son" :)) Congrats to his owner Kriszti"

     And a HUGE congrats to "AmberEyes' Magic kennel" team :)))

  18.10.2009 CAC Szentendre (H)
     Judge: Istvanne Juhasz (H)
     Class: baby cl. / F
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. - v.p., BOB Baby




males: Lisbeth Mach (CH)
females: Štefan Šinko (SLO)
Flame's Of Steal From Orsina's Land (inter class M) - Exc. 1st place & CAC
From Orsina's Land (ch. class F) - Exc. 3rd place
From Orsina's Land (ch. class M) - Exc. 4th place
From Orsina's Land (inter class F) - Exc.

 I would like to say a special THANK YOU to all fantastic owners of my puppies / dogs,
without whom we couldn't reached such an amazing results-
I am sooo proud of you all :))
to all my dear friends around the world who crossed fingers for us :))




4.10.2009 Budessieger Tulln (A)
Judge:Maissen-Jarish (A)
Class: Intermedia (M)
 Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB, Budessieger 09, BOG 5
(entries - Bernese-38)

3.10.2009 ZUCHTSHOW in Heiligeneich (A)
Judge: C. Senn (CH)
Class: Intermedia (M)
Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - CAC, BOS,
BOB, KlubWinner, Res. BIS
(entries - Bernese-62, all Swiss dogs 89)



  20.9.2009 Belgian Bernese SPECIALTY (B)
     Judge: Jana L. Štefančeva (SK)
     Class: Baby (M) / 9 males
     HommerSimpson F.O.L. - v.p., 2nd best baby male
     Hommer was the youngest Bernese on the specialty :)))
     Way to go guys :)))

  20.9.2009 CAC Mateszalka (H)
     Judge: Dr. Molnar Zsolt (H)
     Class: Baby (F)
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. - v.p., Best Bernese Baby

     Way to go girls :))

  13.9.2009 CAC Specialty show for 2nd group (Latvia)
     Judge: Paola Micara Watten (I)
     Class: Intermedia (M)
     Flames Of Steal F.O.L. - exc, CAC, BOB
     Class: Intermedia (F)
     FatalAtraction F.O.L. - exc, CAC, 2nd best female

12.9.2009 BMD Specialty SHOW in Latvia
     Judge: Karl-Erik Johansen/ 43 enties
     Class: Intermedia (M)
     Flames Of Steal F.O.L. - exc1, CQ, CW Best male - 4
     Class: Intermedia (F)
    FatalAtraction F.O.L. - exc1, CW, CW, Best female, CAC and BOS


  5.9.2009 BMD Specialty SHOW in Kristiansand Norway
     Judge: Arne Foss / 39 enties
     Class: Intermedia (F)
     FireFox Flo F.O.L. - 1UK, 2UKK, HP / exc.2 (Res.CAC) with Prise of honor
     Class: Open (M)
     Chasin'My Dream F.O.L. - 1AKK, 4AKK / exc. 4th male in open class


30.8.2009 CACIB Tervakoski (FIN)
     Judge: Bo Skalin
     Class: Intermedia (M)
     Flames Of Steal F.O.L - PU1, SERT, CACIB, ROP / exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB



29.8.2009 SSFS National SPECIALTY in Valkeaskoski-Finland
     Judge: Uschi Eisner (A) / 76 males
     Class: Intermedia (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - ERI1, PU4 SERT, /  exc1, CAC & 4th best male



16.8.2009 SPECIALTY in OSTfoldtrefen, Rygge Norway
     Judge: Andrzej Stepinski (PL) / 76 entries
     Class: Intermedia (F)
     FireFox F.O.L. - 1AUK, 2AUKK, CK, / exc.2 with Res.CAC (6entries)
     Class: Open (M)
     Chasin'My Dream F.O.L. - 1AK, 3AKK, / exc. 3rd place (15 entries)



2.8.2009 CAC Nesbyen show (Nor)
     Class: Intermedia (F)
     FireFox F.O.L. - 1AUK, 1AUKK, CK, 3BTK / Res.CAC and 3rd best female
     Class: Open (M)
     Chasin'My Dream F.O.L. - 1AK, 1AKK, CK / exc.1


  27.6.2009 CACIB Krakow (PL)
     Judge: Joey Lim (AUST)
     Class: CH Class
     Multi Ch&Winner Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L - CWC, CACIB, BOB and BOG 2
       (71 entries)

     Way to go Kev & Alex ;))

     My pride, My joy, My dream
and everything what Bernese should be
are YOU,
my dear Simba :)

A huge congratulations also to Simba's siblings Oscar, Otty and Odine.


  6.6.2009 Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers (USA)
     Judge: Thomas R. Squicciarni (USA)
     Class: Puppy Class 12-18 months
     ForbidenGold F.O.L - 1st place & Won Reserve Winner Bitch (13 entries)
    Second show - (Ffirst AKC today) for our little Goldy and she got such     amazing result:)))
    Way to go Robin, you did great job...see, not so hard, but feeling is     special:))


29.5.2009 Puppy news            

                                                                               This year seems to be "my lucky year" :)

On the TOP of the news it is absolutely the hard and a longtime expecting litter Of my "youngest one " -Quintty ,who gave a birth to seven gorgeous dwarfs and a week later also her half sister Arletta made us happy with her perfect four " musceteers".All puppies are healthy, strong ,typical and very beautiful coloured - I am very exciting to watch their growth in future :)

                                                                                Pics will come sooner or later ..... :))


  9.5.2009 International CACIB show (NOR)
     Judge: Terje Lindstrom (NOR)
     Class: Junior class (F)
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L - exc. 3rd with HP (totaly out of coat)



Bernese Summit 2009- "A River Runs To It"
(Portland, Oregon, USA)
Judge: Mrs Eva Menegoz (Canada)

FerrariPorsh From Orsina's Land - junor dogs 15-18 m. - 1st place
Best Junior in Sweepstakes &
BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES - over 129 dogs :))

ForbidenGold From Orsina's Land - junior bitches 15-18 m. - 3rd place

Well ,all good things are someday over ....but I think This one will stay in my mind and heart forever .My long time" dream wish" came true and I finnaly visited the biggest and the most important show for Bernese on the world- called BMDCA National Specialty ,this time in Portland,Oregon .
I have got an amazing week ;Ferrari won Best in Sweepstakes over 129 dogs ,his sister Goldy was 3th in her class ,I met my old friends and have a great opurtunity to get know lots of new friends, breeders , visited classes on Bernese University .....so, what could  I wish more :)
I would like to say a BIG THANX to Robin and her loving family for taking so good care of my puppies  and me -I am really very ,very proud of you guys !!!And I would like to thanx also my other friends who were trying to made my visit on National special -you are great :)
And at the end I would like to thanx to Mrs. Eva Menegoz( one of the most respectful breeder and person  in the Bernese World)  who made me so happy with gave Ferrari Best in sweepstakes and Goldy 3th place .Thank you all and see you next year :)))

  1.5.2009 CAC Orre (NOR) - 29 entries
     Judge: Kornelija Butrimova (PL)
     Class: Junior class (F)
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L - 1JK, 1JKK, Best female with CAC & BOB

    Great job Margunn & Flo (at her just 15 months) WOOW:)))

  2.5.2009 CAC Sandnes (NOR) - 33 entries
     Judge: Ligita Zake
     Class: Junior class (F)
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L - 1JK, 1JKK, Res. CAC

  18.04.2009 CAC Rovinj (CRO)
     Judge: Bojan Mataković (CRO)
     Class: Junior class (M)
     Forrest Gump F.O.L. exc. 1, Junior Best

  05.04.2009 CACIB Wieselburg (A)
     Judge: Friderike Kappacher (A)
     Class: open class (5 males in the class)
     Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L. exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

  22.03.2009 FCI II GROUP DOG SHOW (Latvia)
     Judge: Tina Šulce (Latvia)
     Class: young class
     Fatal Atraction F.O.L. exc. 2, Res.JCAC

  21.03.2009 International dog show "Latvivan Winner 2009"
     Judge: Kamen Litov (Bulgaria)
     Class: young F
     Fatal Atraction F.O.L. exc. 2, Res.JCAC (6 females in class)

  07.03.2009 Dog show in Daugaupils (Latvia)
     Judge: Elena Borisova (Belarus)
     Class: junior class F
     Fatal Atraction F.O.L. exc. 2, PP (Res. J CAC)

  14.02.2009 Show in Olen (Nor)
     Judge: Rita Reyniers (B)
     open class - male
     Chassin' MyDream F.O.L. 1AK 4AKK CK, -exc. Res. CAC
     junior class - female
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L. 1JK 1JKK CK 2BTK Cert -
         exc. 1 JB (among 7 females) & 2nd best female with CAC

     Our little Flo's first show and first CAC!!!
     What a day for Margunn, Flo, Chasy,..and the rest of the
     Bernese Gang!!!

  10.01.2009 Show at Sammamish Club (WA - USA)
     Judge: Beverly Search (BMD Breeder)
     Ferrari Porsh F.O.L.
     Class: Puppy Sweepstakers (9-12m) - 1 st place ribbon
             Regular Puppy Class (9-12m) - 1st place ribbon

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