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12.12.2010 Greater Clark County KC (Usa)
     judge: John Ronald
     FerrariPorsh F.O.L. -1W
     only one more point Ferrari ..:)



12.12.Texas Kennel Club(Usa)
     judge: Dr Robert Bianchi
     class: puppy cl.
     Indian IvanHoe F.O.L.- Winners Dog
     Indy/Kuza got with only 6m and 4days first 2 points ....
     Huge congrats to our " Littel Star" and his Valerie :)



11.12.2010 Texas Kennel Club (Usa)
     judge: Dr Robert Indeglia
     class: inter.cl. (F)
     Indian IvanHoe F.O.L.-Winners Dog



05.12.2010 CACIB WELS (A)
     judge: Friederike Kappacher (A)
     class: inter.cl. (F)
     GlamourPuss F.O.L. - exc. CACA, CACIB, BOS
     Great job Kimmy&Alex :)



04.12.2010 CACIB WELS (A)
     judge: Christel Fechler (A)
     class: inter.cl. (F)
     GlamourPuss F.O.L. - exc. CACA, CACIB,BOS



04.12.2010 SPECIALTY BMD in Riga (LV)
     judge: Joseph Van Hummelen (B)
     class: ch.cl. (M)
     Flames Of Steal F.O.L. - exc. CAC, BOB, Club Winner 2010
                                                                BEST IN SHOW!!!
     Thank you Kristy and a huge congrats !!



28.11.2010 CACIB Budapest Derby (H)
     judge: Juhasz Istvanne (H)
     class: inter.cl. (M)
     GhostRider F.O.L. - exc. CAC, CACIB, Derby Winner 2010,
                                                  BOB, BOG1, Derby BOG 1,
                                                  Derby BEST IN SHOW 1,

                                                  BEST IN SHOW 1

     video from BIS : http://portal.ebugatta.hu/?q=node/711

     BOG judge: Dr.Otto Schimpf (A)
     Derby BOG & BIS : Dr.Tamas Jakkel (H)
     and BEST IN SHOW judge :Edd E.Bivin (USA)

Thank you to all judges and friends who made this day unforgetable for me :)



21.11.2010 CACIB ZAGREB (CRO)
     class: inter.cl. (M)
     GhostRider F.O.L. - exc. CAC, Res.CACIB



20.11.2010 CACIB ZAGREB (CRO)
     judge: (DK)
     class: inter.cl. (M)
     GhostRider F.O.L. - exc. CAC, Res.CACIB



20.11.2010CACIB Kortrijk -47th Eurodogshow (B)
     judge: Juhasz Istvanne (H)
     class: inter.cl. (M
     HommerSimpson F.O.L. - exc. CAC
     Great job Hommer&Benny :)



17.10.2010 CACIB KOMAROM ( H)
     judge: Soklosi Bela (H)
     class: inter.cl. (M
     GlamourPuss F.O.L. - exc. CAC, CACIB, BOS
     Kimmy & Benito( son of Co-FlyingStarr F.O.L.) also won BIS 2 in Pair :))
     Kimmy " rocked" this weekend with her 17 months :))
     Way to go my girls .....



16.10.2010 CACIB KOMAROM (H)
     judge: Dr.Jakkel Tamas
     class: inter.cl. (F)
     GlamourPuss F.O.L. - exc. CAC, CACIB,BOS, BOB (and in finale for      BOG)



30.9.2010 EUROPEAN DOG SHOW 2010 SLOVENIA ( Celje)

WOWW..what a "weekend" we had ....it was outstanding :),
specialy becouse Reider was first time on show and got 2x BOB with
only 16 months!!
I would like to say a HUGE thanx to my puppy owners without whom
such an
amazing and historical moments wouldnt be posible
and all friends who supported us on show and at home crossing fingers
for us .
It was very nice shows and I would also like to congrats all winnen all
Bernese who came to show
thanx to judges ...Mr. Micheal Forte and Mr. Sven Lovenkjaer
who made these shows unforgetable for me .

males: Sven Lovenkjaer (DK)
females: Espen Engh ( N)

GhostRider From Orsina`s Land

EJW2010 , BOB EJW2010, CHJ-SLO

and in BOG ..he was as one of the 6 finnalist among 42 dogs FCI2 :))

HommerSimpson From Orsina`s Land-3th place in junior class
GlamourPuss From Orsina`s Land-Vice EJW2010
Flame`s Of Steal From Orsina`s Land-exc. ( between first six ch. males /out of 19 m in class)


      source: www.mojpes.net
  source: www.mojpes.net  


males: Michael Forte (IRL)
females: Istvanne Juhasz (H)

     GhostRider From Orsina`s Land - Club Junior Winner2010 ,BOB Junior Winner 201O, BOB and BEST IN SHOW
HommerSimpson From Orsina`s Land - Vice Club Junior Winner 2010
GlamourPuss From Orsina`s Land -3th place in junior class
Flame`sOf Steal From Orsina`s Land -got exc. and came in first 6 champion (11ch.males)



12.09.2010 SWISS KLUBSCHAU Birmensdorf (CH)
     judge: Regula Burgi (CH)
     class: young cl. (F)/31 f
     Honky Tonk F.O.L. - exc. 5, (only 5f out of 31 in class got exc.)

     Congratulations Renate & Tonka :))



05.09.2010 XXII National Dog Show in Wloclawek(POL)
     judge: Marek M. Bork-Grabkowski(POL)
     class: junior cl. (F)/5f
     Hocus-Pokus F.O.L. - exc. 1, Youth Winner, BOB Junior, CHJ Poland
     GinggerRose F.O.L. - exc. 3

     A huge CONGRATS to Wanda, Chris & Hopi, Gira :))



15.08.2010 CACIB Sopot (POL)
     judge: Jan Gayewski
     class: junior cl. (F)/ 7 females in class
     Hocus-Pokus F.O.L. - exc. 1, PRM, BOB Junior
     GinggerRose F.O.L. - exc. 2



04.07.2010 CAC XXXVII Warminsko - Mazurka (POL)
     judge: Robert Mroczko
     class: young cl. (F)
     GinggerRose F.O.L. - exc. 1, PRM, BOB JUNIOR

     Congrats Wanda & Chris :)



03.07.2010 CAC Rusne, Lithuania
     judge: of breed Aleksandr Soroko (Belarus), BIS Rūta Merkevičienė      (Lithuania)
     class: puppy (M)
     Bunny & Kardinal
     FunnyBunny BelPorto - BOB puppy and BIS 4 puppy (20 puppies)
     Kardinal was on his first show at 4 months and he got amazing results...
     congratulation to Andrina & Kristy :)
     (Flame's OfSteal F.O.L. & Lad's Catalina)



20.06.2010 Berner SPECIALTY show in Norway / Bergen (NOR)
     judge: Sonja Gorbould (UK)
     class: Open cl. (M)/ 72 entries
     Chasin'MyDream F.O.L. - exc. 1, CAC, BOS, BOB
     class: Open cl. (F)
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L. - exc. 1, Res.CAC, 4th BT

     Wowww..what a day you had Margunn & co :)).
     Congrats also for Alexandria...for BOS!!



    My pride, My joy, My dream
    and everything what Bernese should be
    are YOU
     my dear Simba :)




13.06.2010 CACIB Ozolnieki (LV)
     judge: Augustin Ionescu (RO)
     class: Open cl. (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - exc. 1, CW CACIB, BM2

     Great job Kristy & Flame :)



     judge: Rudi Munoz
     class: Open cl. (M)
     FerrariPorsh F.O.L. - exc. 1, BOW (Best of Winners)...
     ...3 major points

     Only two more points to finish his USA champion.
     Way to go Robin & Ferrari!!!



12.06.2010 CACIB Ozolnieki (LV)
     judge: Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL)
     class: Open cl. (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - exc. 1, CW R.CACIB, BM2



     judge: Rita Ryder
     class: Open cl. (M)
     FerrariPorsch F.O.L. - exc. 1, BOW (Best of Winners) ...
     ... 3 major points



30.05.2010 National dog - show in Ukmerge, Lithuania
     judge: Natalia Nekroshene, Lithuania
     class: Open cl. (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - exc. 1, CW, CAC, BOB..and BIG - 4, LT-CH
     Flames is Lithuanian Champion!



23.05.2010 CACIB UMAG (CRO)
     judge: Otto Schimpf (A)
     class: Open cl. (M)
     ForestGump F.O.L. - exc. 1, CAC



     judge: Irene Donne (NOR)
     class: Open cl. (M)/5 entries
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - exc. 1, CAC & BM2



22.05.2010 CACIB UMAG (CRO)
     judge: Colm Hastings (IRL)
     class: Open cl. (M)
     ForestGump F.O.L. - exc. 2, Res. CAC



     judge: Maija Heinila (NOR)
     class: Open cl. (M)/9 entries
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - exc., Res. CAC & BM4



16.05.2010 CAC Mynamaki (FIN)
     judge: Jackie Stubbs (IRL)
     class: Open cl. (M)/6 entries
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - exc. 1, CAC, 2nd BTH - FIN CH, LAT CH



16.05.2010 CACIB Bratislava (SK)
     judge: Gajevski Jan (POL)
     class: junior cl. (F)/7 entries
     GlamourPuss F.O.L.- exc 3rd place



15.05.2010 CAC RAUMA (FIN)
     judge: Irina Poletaeva (FIN)
     class: Open cl. (M)/6 entries
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. - Res. CAC & 4th BTH



15.05.2010 CACIB Bratislava (SK)
     judge: Marija Kavčič (SLO)
     class: junior cl. (F)/7 entries
     GlamourPuss F.O.L.- exc. 1, CACJ, BOB JUNIOR



09.05.2010 CAC Dobre Miasto (PL)
     judge: Aleksandra Tarczynska - Mizak (PL)
     class: junior cl. (F)/6 entries
     GinngerRose F.O.L. - exc. 2, Res. JCAC



08.05.2010 CAC Jaszbereny Guardian (H)
     judge: Tibor Bosnyak (SRB)
     class: junior cl. (F)
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. - exc. 1, HPJ, HFGY/BOB

Kimmy is now CHJ - H & CHJ - ROM :)



07.05.2010 CACIB - VDH - Europasieger (D)
     judge: Petra Schultheib (D)
     class: junior cl. (M)/6 entries
     HommerSimpson F.O.L - exc. 3rd place



02.05.2010 CAC Sandnes (Nor)
     judge: Bengt-Ake Borgren(S)
     class: open cl. (F)/29 entries
     Chasin'MyDream F.O.L - 1AK 2AKK
     Class: Open cl.(F)
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L - 1AK 2AKK CK 3BTK

Congratulations Margunn, also for BIM and BIR :)



01.05.2010 CAC Orre (Nor)
     judge: Liz-Beth Liljequist (S)
     class: open cl. (F)/22 entries
     Chasin'MyDream F.O.L - 1AK 2AKK
     Class: Open cl.(F)
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L - 1AK



19.04.2010 CACIB Satu Mare (ROM)
     judge: Ana Titz (Rus)
     class: junior cl. (F)/3entries
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. - exc. 1, RPJ, BOB Junior



18.04.2010 CACIB Satu Mare (ROM)
     judge: Anatoly Zhuk (BLR)
     class: junior cl. (F)/3entries
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. exc. 1, RPJ, BOB Junior



03.04.2010 CACIB Miskolc (H)
     judge: Lokodi Zsolt (RO)
     class: junior cl. (F)
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. exc. 1, HPJ, BOB Junior & CHJ - H

     WOWW...fantastic job Alex & Kimmy :) Congrats !!     



03.04.2010 CACIB Miskolc (H)
     judge: Bojan Mataković (CRO)
     class: junior cl. (F)/ (5 entries)
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. exc. 1,HPJ, BOB Junior and BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR !!



April 1st - 5th, 2010
BMD Club of Canada 2010 National Specialty
infos and photos soon :))



28.03.2010 CAC Nitra (SK)
     judge: Piskay Vladimir (SK)
     class: junior cl. (F)/ (5 entries)
     Glamour Puss F.O.L. exc. 1, CACJ and finnale for BIS Junior

     Way to go my girls :))



27.03.2010 CACIB "Latvian winner 2010" Riga (LV)
     judge: Beata Petkeviča (LV)
     class: open cl. (M)
     Flame's Of Steal F.O.L. exc. 1, CAC, 4th BMD

     Thank you Kristy :)




     CAC Hessen (D)

     Judge: Frau Petra Schultheib (D)
     Class: yunior cl.(M) (9 entries)
     HommerSimpson F.O.L - exc. 1 - JungeBeste (BOB Junior)
     "Hommi" won on his 10th months "birthday" :))
      Congrats Hommi & Benni :)




     Belgische Klub voor Zwitserse Sennenhonden-Rasspeciale met CAC

     Judge: Bertne Chris (B)
     Class: yunior cl.(M) (6 entries)
     HommerSimpson F.O.L - exc. 2 place
A huge congratulation to only 9 months old Hommer & his Benny :))



28.02.2010 CAC Rhienberg
     Judge:Baelen Paul (B)
     Class: young cl.(M) (9m)
     HommerSimpson F.O.L - exc. 2, Res. CAC jugend cl. SSV,
                                          Res. Jug. ch VDH
Homer was the youngest in his class (only 9 months) -
     he did GREAT!!!


13.02.2010 show in Norway
     Judge: Terje Lindstrom (Nor)
     Class: Open cl.(M) (28 entries)
     Chasin'MyDream F.O.L - Res. CAC
Class: Open cl.(F)
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L - Res. CAC and 3rd BB

     On the show were also three offspring from "Chasy" and they took great
     placements - first (with res-CAC), second (with HP) and third in junior
     male cl.
     Congratulation Margun, also for BOB:))


  13-14.02.2010 VI National Valentine's Dog Show Bydgoszcz (POL)
     Class: junior cl.(F) (9 females)
     GinngerRose F.O.L - exc. 3

"Gira" was on 13.2. just 9 months old and she was the youngest in her class
    _she did great on her first shows :)))
    Congratulations Wanda & Chris!!!

13.02.2010 I National Night Valentine's Dog Show Bydgoszcz (POL)
     Class: junior cl.(F)
     GinngerRose F.O.L - exc. 2



          woww, Kando
               today is already your 9th birthday -
                    how time goes fast
     Happy, happy and healthy birthday, my sweetheart!!!

               your Darja & rest of the F.O.L. gang :))



22. & 23.01.2010 (USA)
     Rose City Classic
Portland Oregon
     Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon

     Jan, 22nd 2010
     Judge: Mr. Ronald H Menaker (USA)
     FerrariPorshF.O.L - won Winner's Dog out of 13 males and Best of Winners out of 23 total dogs & bitches for a 3 point major

Jan, 23rd 2010
     Judge: Mr. Dana P. Cline (USA)
     FerrariPorshF.O.L - won Winner's Dog out of 14 males and Best of Winners out of 30 total dogs & bitches for a 4 point major

     Ferrari had a great 2nd birthday with his wins, out of a very respectful judges Mr. Manaker and Mr. Cline :))
     A HUGE congrats to his mummy Robin & his handler Stacy :)))


  10.01.2010 CACIB Hoogstraten (BE)
     Judge: Yla-Mononen Satu (Fin)
     Class: puppy cl.(M) (3m/4f)
     HommerSimpson F.O.L - v.p. 1, BOB puppy


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