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December 2011 - update litters! :)



29.11.Cacib Zagreb (Cro)    

     judge: M. Polivanov (RUS)
     GhostRider  F.O.L. – CAC, Res.CACIB



20.10.2011 Skyline Dog Fanciers of San Mateo Country(US)

     judge: Mrs. Beth G Speich
     class: open  cl./ F/ 14 f in class
     GensDuVoyage  F.O.L. – Res. Winners Bitch

                                        Thank you Stacy Slade for hendling Genny .


10.2011 dog show USA  

     IndianIvanHoe  F.O.L.2 X BEST OF WINNERS

                                        Way to go Kuza :)



9.10.2011 Šiauliai show CAC (LT)

     judge: R.Petkevičiene (LT)
     class: baby cl/f
     Rainbow Alpiu Slenis – v.p. BOB BABY  



24.9. 2011 Show in USA

     IndianIvanHoe  F.O.L.BEST OF WINNERS /2 points

                                        Way to go Kuza :)




18.9.2011 BELGIUM  BMD SPECIALTY 2011  
 judge: Alisa Ebnet (USA)
HommerSimpson  From Orsina`s Land – Res.CAC  
Congrats to Benny and His Hommer :)       



Sept..2011 Dog show in Aurora (USA)
IndianIvanHoe  From Orsina`s Land – BEST OF WINNERS /2 points

Congrats Valerie and Kuza ...way to go :)



 judge: Anrzej Szutkiewicz (PL)
Flame`s Of Steal From Orsina`s Land – CAC, BOB and Res. BISS
Rainbow Alpiu Slenis – 2nd best baby female ( 9 f in the class)



Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L `s puppies did GREAT on
last shows:
on 20.8.2011 CAC Šakiai (LIT)
     judge: N.Zenienė
     Funny Banny BelPorto in open class-CAC,BOB,
     Romeo Alpų Slėnis in baby class was first and BEST BABY IN SHOW 5


     on 14.8.2011 CAC show for FCI2 (LV)
     judge: Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (Netherlands)
     Funny Bunny BelPorto- excellent, CW, Bestmale-3, CAC
     Fiery Ice BelPorto- - exc.CAC,BOB, BOG and Best In Show!
     Romeo Alpių Slėnis - BOB Baby and BIS baby
     Follow Wolf Power BelPorto - CHJ-LV ,LT,ECHJ-LVST, BALTIC
     Fiery Ice BelPorto - CHJ-LV
     Free and Wild BelPorto - CHJ-LV & Club Yunior winner 2011



1.7.2011 CAC Karmoy (NOR)
     judge: George Schogol
     class: open .cl./M
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L. - 1st in open cl.with CK and BOS
                     with CAC

     Chasin`MyDream F.O.L. - 1st in open cl. with CK,
                                            2nd BEST MALE



Last few months we worked on our young hopes, puppies health certificates -
     more about their resoults you can read under "Our Dogs" or "Puppies"



12.06.2011 CACIB Bled (SLO)
     judge: Bojan Matakovič (CRO)
     class: open .cl./M
     GhostRider F.O.L. - exc,CAC, CACIB, BOB      



11.06.2011 CACIB Riga (LV)
     judge: Bela Siklosi (H)
     class: ch.cl./M
     Flame`s of Steal F.O.L. - exc,CAC, CACIB, BOB - CH-INTER      
     Thank you Kristy &Flame



Happy 1st birthday my I-three muscetiers !!
 new photos

  IndianIvanHoe F.O.L Invisible Twilight F.O.L. IsaacNewton F.O.L.



28.5.2011 Slovakian BMD Clubshow SKSSP 2011 (SK)
males, BISS: Aniko Istvanne Juhasz
females, BOB: Ing.Eva Mayerova
around 85 Berneses entered
class: open cl ./M - 9 entries

GhostRider From Orsina`s Land - CAC, Best male, Club Winner 2011, BOB and BEST IN SHOW !!!!




7.5.2011 Czech BMD Clubshow Roznov 2011 ( CZ)
males: Ian Herngren (S)
females: Helen Devenport Willis(UK)
around 257 Berneses entered
class: open cl ./F - 45 entries

GlamourPuss From Orsina`s Land - CAC, Best female, Club Winner 2011, BOB and BEST IN SHOW !!!!

video from BEST IN SHOW:

video from BEST OF BREED:

Kimmy you look great ...Way to go my girls !!!

Thank you Nela Pultarova for photos and Videos!


    FerrariPorsh F.O.L. finnished his  AKC AMERICAN CHAMPION with his 5th major today !!!!!

    Thank you and congrats to Robin , Ferrari and Stacy for handling :)



01.05.2011 CAC Dobre Miasto (PL)
     judge: Aleksandra Dobrut
     GinngerRose F.O.L. - exc. 2, Res. CAC                                            



01.05.2011 CAC show ( NOR) /37 entries
     judge: Leni Finne (Fin)
     Chasin`MyDream F.O.L. - exc. 2nd in open cl. with CK and                                            2nd best male with Res.CAC

     FireFoxFlo F.O.L. - exc.3th. in open cl.with CK



30.04.2011 CAC-show Orre ( NOR) /29 entries
     judge: Carlos Fernandez-Renau ( Spain)
     Chasin`MyDream F.O.L. - exc. 2nd in open cl. with CK and                                            2nd best male with Res.CAC

     FireFoxFlo F.O.L. - exc. 1st in open cl. with CK and 3th.                                      best female with Res. CAC



23.04.2011 CACIB Szilvasvarad (H)
     judge: Vladimir Piskay (SK)
     class: intermedia cl./ F
     GlamourPuss F.O.L. - exc1, CAC,Res. CACIB
                                     1st place in junior handling :)



     judge: Štefan Šinko (SLO)
     class: intermedia cl./ M
     GhostRider F.O.L. - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS



27.02.2011 Cacib Graz (A)
     judge: Maria-Luise Doppelreiter(A)
     class: intermedia cl./ M
     GhostRider F.O.L. - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS



12.02.2011 12.2.2011 CAC Olen (Nor)
     judge: Robin Searle (UK)
     class: open cl. / M
     Chasin' MyDream F.O.L. - exc.1, CAC, 2nd BM
class: open cl. / F
     FireFoxFlo F.O.L. - exc2 ,CK     

     Congrats to Margunn ,Chasy &Flo :)



08.01.2011 CAC Tartu (Est)
     judge: Jans Utke Ramsing (DK)
     class: champion / M
     Flame`s Of Steal F.O.L. -exc, CAC, BOB ....

     Congrats and Thanx to Kristy :)



     Chasin˙MyDream F.O.L.
     Most Winning Bernese Mountain Dog in Rogaland:-was most      successful adult male

     Congrats Margunn and Chasy :)


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